Website Management

We can take care of your WordPress, OpenCart or any other platform website for you. There are lots of things that a website administrator has to do and we are here to help you do them. You don’t need to learn anything anymore and you will save precious time to take care of your business. Here are the things that we can do for you:

  • Add, Delete or edit texts, pictures and files (including PDFs)
  • Insert or delete videos that you’ve made (we don’t edit them)
  • Add, Edit or delete pages
  • Add new features to the website
  • Manage e-mail accounts, including Outlook or Thunderbird configuration for your email accounts
  • Modify forms or fields in the forms to better address your clients
  • Modify the layout and the aesthetics of your website.
  • Managing the databases
  • Help you migrate to another web hosting service
  • Analytics and Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Other requests that fit our skills and your needs


42 € / month

Intervention time: 48 h
Database backup: monthly
Website administration: 2 h
Extra hour cost: 25 €
Number of websites: 1
Contract period: 12 months


52 € / month

Intervention time: 24 h
Database backup: monthly
Website administration: 3 h
Extra hour cost: 20 €
Number of websites: 1
Contract period: 12 months


74 € / month

Intervention time: 16 h
Database backup: daily
Website administration: 5 h
Extra hour cost: 15 €
Number of websites: 3
Contract period: 6 months

Just one thing: if you don’t use the hours in one month, you loose them. The hours cannot be added to the next month’s. We all like to plan and this is part of our and your planning: the time spent to perfect your website!

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