Indreapta Spatele – Android Aplication

How many times in your life did someone draw your attention to straighten your back? First, there were your parents, then your brothers and sisters and sometimes even friends. We know that it’s not simple to remember to straighten your back, especially when you work standing or at the office and you are more focused on your tasks than your posture.

Straightening your back has never been easier. Now there is the application “ÎNDREAPTĂ SPATELE”!

Backed by a team of experienced physiotherapists (TOPKINETO Recuperare Medicală) and developers dedicated to a good and healthy posture (GM Software), the application “ÎS”  will help you correct your posture with sound and text notifications. Also, the application will keep you up to date with articles from medical recovery, nutrition and more. Everything to improve your posture and health.

Get the application that helps you to straighten your back from Google Play Store