Matei Șuică

1601_simplon_NFR4440Matei is a software developer with 5 years of intense experience. He has been working in different companies ranging from 20 employees to 200 000, in different industries like education, automotive and outsourcing. He started developing apps in his last year of studies and never stopped loving it.

Currently, Matei, works on some of his own Mobile Apps (Android and iOS) and collaborates with some other companies through GM Software to help them get their users the best possible experience. Matei is also a trainer for Simplon’s Mobile Development Bootcamp and the founder of a open-source project that just started.

At GM Software, Matei choose the role of Chief Technical Officer because it sounds fancy but his attributes are ranging from writing code to sending “thank you emails” and also updating the site with this description. It is funny to write about yourself using the 3rd person but it makes the description seem official.